Punch! Partners

Cloud Mountain Kombucha

Brew up a batch of tea, ferment it, then add any array of fruits, vegetables, herbs, or spices and there you have Kombucha!

To offer an exciting array of this carbonated brew Cloud Mountain Kombucha sources many of their ingredients from local businesses and farms.

Plus since it is locally made it’s the freshest Kombucha you’ll find anywhere around!

Jane Addams Book Shop

What would a Cuban-themed bar (Punch!) be without an Ernest Hemingway nod? Jane Adams Book Shop supplied our bar library with his novels, and now Hemingway quotes adorn every page of our menu.

Honestly, any excuse to roam the cozy halls of Jane Adams and browse their book selection should be seized!

The Little Soap Stop

At Punch! our favorite 4 days of the year are when Jane Burk—owner of The Little Soap Stop—swings by with sample scents for the next season.

Like our craft cocktail menu, we change both of our handsoaps on the first day of every season. Six seasons after we opened we continue to be impressed by the unique seasonal soaps that Jane creates—often blending several scents together to make a custom & delicious-smelling concoction!

Page Roasting Co.

After just 1 sentence from owner Erin Erdman you can FEEL her passion for coffee.

In one conversation with Erin we learned a lifetime’s worth of info into the nuances of coffee, and she came up with what is now the proprietary blend that we currently use for hot coffee, cold brew, and even coffee ice!

Plant Mode

Have you ever had to figure out how to choose & install two large tropical-looking plants that thrive with little direct sunlight & frequent brief exposure to Illinois winter elements?

While this seemed a daunting task to the bartenders of Punch!, Matthis Helmick—owner of Plant Mode—didn’t bat an eye!

He immediately had a perfect suggestion, then sourced 2 large Philodendrons, planters, & supplies on short notice and installed them beautifully in time for Punch! to open in 2019.

Both plants are still going strong.

Walnut Street Tea Co.

We go through a whole bunch of tea at Punch!, and we get it all from Walnut Street Co.

Their incredibly knowledgable staff has introduced us to multiple teas that blew our mind with their flavor & vibrancy.

Walnut Street Tea Co. will satisfy tea needs that you didn’t even know you had!