Ireland is likely the birthplace of whiskey, although the first written mention of whiskey turns up in Scotland.

Punch! Irish Whisky List
with Tasting Notes

Egan’s 10yr
Light Smoke, Pineapple, Coconut, Vanilla, Apple, Cereal Malt, Mango, Banana Cranberry, Honey, Oak • 47%abv
$8 • Tullamore, Ireland

Egan’s Fortitude PX
Sherry, Honey, Raisin, Marzipan, Smoke, Chocolate, Dried Fruit • 46%abv
$9 • Tullamore, Ireland

Egan’s Vintage
Vanilla Fudge, Caramel, Oak, Cinnamon • 46%abv
$10.5 • Tullamore, Ireland

Pepper, Woody, Nutty, Vanilla, Sherry • 40%abv
$6.5 • Dublin, Ireland

Cereal Grain, Toffee, Rosewater, Butterscotch, Vanilla • 40%abv
$5 • County Cork, Ireland

Linseed, Nuts, Cake, Honey, Sherry, Cream Soda, Vanilla, Pepper, Toffee, Ginger, Treacle • 40%abv
$13.5 • Midleton, Ireland

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