Whiskey: What’s the Difference?

‘Whiskey’ is a broad term that applies to all of these styles, and more.


Whiskey distilled from at least 51% corn, and aged in NEW American Oak barrels.

Typically speaking, Bourbon is known for its subtle sweetness over other whiskies, and often boasts Vanilla, Caramel, and Woody flavors.
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Whiskey made in Canada. On the sweeter side of all whiskies.

Up to 10% by volume may be added fruit wine. Flavorings are allowed, but must be barrel-aged before combining with the whiskey.
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Whiskey made in Ireland, and predominantly made from Barley. Tends to be more dry than other whiskies.

Ireland is likely the birthplace of whiskey, although the first written mention of whiskey turns up in Scotland.
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The first Japanese whisky-makers learned their craft from the Scotts, which is why their whisky is known for a mild peaty-smokiness and is misspelled. Additionally, Japanese whiskies tend to have a particularly light body.

Plenty of whiskey gets made in Japan, but technically in order to be called “Japanese Whiskey” it need only be bottled in Japan, and may be imported from foreign distilleries.
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Whiskey made from at least 51% rye, and barrel-aged at least 2 years.

Known for its dry spiciness (like grandma’s spice cabinet, not ‘spicy’ like hot wings).
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Whisky made in Scotland and misspelled in America.

Five distinct geographic zones produce Scotch Whisky with five typical flavor-expressions, but all are generally known for a displaying a particular type of smokiness called “Pete”.
Punch! has lots of Scotch. Check them out here

Southern Hemisphere

Australian & New Zealand whiskeys are coming into their own. Ardbeg is one of two distilleries in the world to have aged whiskey on the International Space Station.


Whiskey that is filtered through Sugar Maple Charcoal before aging. Tennessee Whiskeys are generally sweeter whiskeys.
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